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Milan Nestarec

Vineyards of Milan Nestarec are located on the area of 8 hectares in wine growing municipalities Moravský Žižkov and Velké Bílovice. Protection of vineyards is carried out on the biological basis, herbicides are excluded. Milan believes that gentle methods of growing grapevines and grape processing which is not excessively combined are the most suitable and they provide the best result. All wines in the cellar are fermenting spontaneously and they are more often vinified in oak and locust barrels. Milan prepares three lines of wine: Muzika, Klasika and Antika. The basic line Muzika offers “a lot of bang for the buck”, it is fresh drinkable wine, while the quality and authenticity are not given up.

Milan Nestarec vinohrady Velke_Bilovice

Some of these wines are even without sulphur. Line Klasika should offer duly mature variety wines with typical character to customers. They are characterized by fullness and elegance. Wines belonging to the top line Antika are prepared from selected grapes and they should as much as possibly reflect the place from which they come. They are structured, good character wines which were slowly ageing in barrels for several years. Milan Nestarec is a great wine-making innovator: in cooperation with VELTLIN, he produces, for instance, bottled spritzers Ervin and Vinětka or the bubbly for children “without Es” Šam Pán.

Emblematic wine: Neuburské Antika 2011