Bogdan Trojak

Bogdan Trojak

His largest vineyard is located in Čtvrtě where Quaternary loess bedrock can be found. The second vineyard is the sloping vineyard Veselá (cadastre Němčičky) where the bedrock is mainly formed by the Tertiary sandstone. Bogdan Trojak mainly focused on production of mixed wines based on Veltlínské zelené. As for red wines, he likes to work with Frankovka or Burgundské modré, however he often unifies typical Central European varieties. Residues from musts are often removed by sedimentation. Fermentation of white musts takes place in locust barrels. Spontaneous fermentation is mostly commenced by “anarchistic“ apiculate (wild) yeast which are unacceptable for many modern enologists, however, Trojak loves them. Following fermentation, young wines are lying in gross sediments for some time.

Bogdan Trojak - vinohrad

Prior to bottling, all wines are ageing in a wine cellar for at least one year. Due to the fact that wines are not filtered and stabilized, they have to be “stabilized” by time. Sulphurization of wines is very gentle and in some cases he does not add sulphur at all.
He prepares planting of a new vineyard in Velké Žernoseky in 2015 and gradual transfer to Czech wine growing area.

Bogdan Trojak initiated establishment of association of wine growers Autentisté (Authentists) and he founded distribution and wine bar VELTLIN.

Emblematic wine: Kaich 2012