Dobrá Vinice

Petr Nejedlik

Petr Nejedlik - Autentiste

Dobrá Vinice of Petr Nejedlík belongs to pioneers of natural wine growing in Moravia. He runs vineyards around Znojmo, 80% of vineyards are located in the National Park Podýjí and they have unmistakable character resulting from specific Palaeozoic bedrock. The technology of processing grapes is interesting: grapes are pressed whole without the prior grinding – musts are subsequently fermenting and wines are ageing mostly in oak or locus barrels, or wines are long-time macerated on peels or berries (6 to 11 months in kvevri). Wine is further lying in new oak barrels.

During the last time, Dobrá vinice prepares wine by using 7.5 thousand years old technology – in Georgian kvevri which is a sort of amphora buried directly in the wine cellar.
Bottled wines are lying in ideal conditions even several years in old sandstone wine cellars.

Emblematic wines of the winery: Velké dobré bílé 2011, Veltlínské zelené kvevri 2012