Strekov 1075

Zsolt Suto - Autentisté Slovensko

Zsolt Suto - Autentista Slovakia

Winery Strekov 1075 was established in 2002 by Zsolt Sütő and Tibor Melecsky. The objective of the company was to prepare terroir wines which would reflect Strekov’s micro-region to the maximum extent.
Winery gradually planted 12 hectares of own vineyards, including 4.5 hectares in old manner without wire fence, attached to simple wooden sticks. Mostly typical Central European varieties, such as Ryzlink vlašský, Ryzlink rýnský, Veltlínské zelené or Frankovka and Svatovavrinecké are grown there in biological regime. In addition to these classical varieties, Strekov 1075 successfully engages in new varieties, such as Dunaj or Alibernet. The soul of the whole winery is Zsolt Sütő, main spiritus agens of Autentista Slovakia. Wines are divided into several categories called Corpus (basic line), Classic (typical Strekov character) and Terroire (special wines). During the last few years, Zsolt has been applying the oldest manners of wine-making without sulphur or with a minimum quantity of sulphur, such as wines macerated on peels – HEION, wines ageing under flor – PORTA and wines bottled together with sediment – NIGORI.

Winery is a member of the association Autentista Slovakia.

Emblematic wine: Frankovka Terroire 2008