Jaroslav Osička

Jaroslav Osicka

Jaroslav Osička, long-term pedagogue teaching at the secondary school for wine growers in Valtice, was born in the largest Moravian wine-making municipality Velké Bílovice. In his vineyards, he works without using system chemical agents, herbicides and pesticides. He is using sprays on biological basis such as water glass, “baking powder” or plant infusions (horsetail). Fertilizers are organic and mineral. The overall area of vineyards is covered with natural herbal vegetation relevant to the locality and a minor part of vineyards is green-covered only next but one row. He is trying “not to make” wine, but rather to assist to its making. When educating wine, he is directing it by repeated tapping or stirring yeast (battônage) so that the difference between years and origin from a specific vineyard is not suppressed. He does not prohibit oxygen to grapes and he does not consider oxygen an enemy.

Chardonkovy sklep - Jaroslav Osicka

Wines of Jaroslav Osička are fermenting spontaneously without regulation of fermentation temperature and they are ageing long-time in wooden (225 l and 480 l) barrels on fine sediments, while stirred occasionally, for 5 to 24 months. Unstable apple acid is naturally eliminated from wine. Jaroslav Osička uses sulphur only before bottling.

Emblematic wine: Pinot Chardonnay 2009