Petr Kočařík

Petr Kocarik - Autentista

Wine grower Petr Kočařík from Čejkovice has 2 hectares of vineyards. He protects the grapevines only by using means permitted in biological wine-growing. His wines are fermenting spontaneously and mostly they are lying on yeast in oak barrels without sulphurization for long months. He does not stabilize and filter Pinot Gris and Pinot Noir prior to bottling them, their subtle architecture thus remains undisturbed. Many experts consider Petr’s Pinot Noir one of the most matured pinots in Moravia, namely over the several last years. It is certainly the result of his unquestionable feeling and talent, and his precise work also plays a large role in his wine-making.

Vinohrad - Petr Kocarik

During the last years, Petr has been growing the variety Hibernal which he has interpreted in a very distinctive and happy manner.

Emblematic wine: Pinot Noir 2012