Petr Koráb

Petr Korab - Autentista

Winery Koráb was founded in 2006 by brothers Korábs from Boleradice. At present time, Petr Koráb is the main wine grower and cellarman. Winery Koráb has been focused on old vineyards since the beginning – preservation of vineyards became its main objective. For larger wine growers old vineyards are uneconomic due to lower production. However, minor grapevine planting and original Moravian clones have – together with long roots of old grapevines – very positive influence on quality and the resulting character of wine. The intention of Petr Koráb is to preserve old vineyards as a significant landscaping element of a Moravian village, and, first of all, to make authentic Moravian wines from grapes harvested in these vineyards.


All musts in Koráb’s wine cellar are fermenting by use of autochthonic yeast in wooden barrels and open fermenting vats. Some white wines are being prepared by maceration on peels. After fermentation, wines are lying on yeast and there is no hurry. Sulphurization is minimum – in compliance with Authentist Charter. Taking account of vineyards, Petr Koráb works mainly with classical Central European varieties, such as Frankovka, Neuburské, Ryzlink vlašský or Veltlínské zelené. A showpiece of the winery is a magic vineyard in Víckov originating in 1934.

Emblematic wine: Neuburské 2012